Before PageGroup, where were you before and what were your specialisations?

I was a Senior Consultant at one of the leading recruitment companies for two and a half years, specialising in business to business (B2B) sales and marketing market with direct experience in B2B Sales from SCG (Siam Cement Group) and Samsung Electronics.

Why did you join PageGroup and what is your current role?

The key priorities that I look for in a company are being a global company, being professional and valuing people. Michael Page has all of these criteria. The most important thing is Michael Page can provide a fast growing opportunity for my next step of management level where I can use my experience and skills to drive the business from the start and grow together with the company. I am currently an Associate Manager in the Sales and Marketing discipline.

How has your past experience helped you in your current role?

With a strong passion in this job and about seven to eight years’ experience in B2B sales plus approximately four years’ experience in recruitment companies focusing on B2B/Industrial gives me the platform to provide professional advice to both clients and candidates. My experience and skills help me understand their requirements as well as the market situation that will be valuable to them. 

Successes / achievements that you have accomplished during your time at PageGroup

Since joining PageGroup in March 2017, I have been leading the sales and marketing/industrial team in growing the business. For my team achievement, B2B sales and marketing team achieved the company’s revenue target in quarter 2 (my first full quarter in the business) which  one of my team members made three successful placements in one month while another colleague who recently joined already made their first placement in the business. For my individual achievement, I exceeded the revenue target in my first full quarter, I made my first placement in the business within only approximately two weeks after starting in my role. I am also the first One Million Dollar Member in June for Michael Page Thailand.

How have you grown with PageGroup?

The company provides me with opportunities to grow fast in my career by developing my leadership skills, support and training which has given me a range of skills and experience for my next step at PageGroup.

What are the most rewarding parts of your job?

There are two main things: First, to groom and see people in my team grow and be very successful in their roles and progressing in their careers. Secondly, to be a specialist in the market and be a partner for both clients and candidates, where they consider me when they need assistance in their career path or in finding the right person for their organisation.

What advice would you give to graduates who are looking to join the recruitment industry?

If you are looking for a global company, good team culture, professional work, fun and to grow quickly, join us and let’s grow together.