Connecting overseas or returning Thais to some of Thailand’s largest organisations

Returning Thais

Globalisation has made the world a much smaller place than ever before. As an active business entity in Thailand, Michael Page too would like to help Thais working abroad to return home and gain strong footholds in the country’s burgeoning economy.

By tapping our knowledge, expertise and global network, the กลับบ้านกันเถอะ - Let’s Go Home program connects overseas and returnee Thais to some of the largest, most established brands and businesses in Thailand. This means better, more targeted job placements for returning professionals, as well as a stronger, more fulfilling career back home.

Why Thais are coming home

 Care for family
and elderly parents
 Explore alternative and
exciting career options
 A conscious contribution
to the Thai economy

It’s a great time to start their journey home

Returnee talent are heavily in demand
International experience is a huge “Selling Point” and makes Thai returnees bring with them skillsets such as strong English communication and interpersonal skills, as well as management competencies and stakeholder engagement.

These are not often seen within the local community, especially in niche sectors and job functions such as Engineering, Research & Development and Technology.

Bustling manufacturing hub across Asia
Thailand is a fast paced market that is quickly evolving. The country is increasingly becoming a preferred manufacturing hub across Asia, with more job opportunities on the rise.

Led with local expertise

Our Let's Go Home campaign is led by our Bangkok based team, who has extensive experience sourcing talent locally, regionally and globally. 70% of our consultants are either returnee themselves, or have extensive experience working with returning Thais.